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First of all, the project's particular value lies in a high level of convenience for an end user. Since Blockspoint is a news portal with daily updated content, it is important that the information we provide be objective and up-to-date. To preserve the interests of our audience, we do our best to carefully select sources and get the facts straight when writing articles.


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The website usability is also due to its design. We tried to create a functional platform and at the same time keep its interface as simple and clear as possible. In this way, we wanted visitors to turn our portal into a part of their day-to-day.


From the very beginning, we planned to develop a web-application that can get beyond cliched online resources. While the work on the project was running gradually, the first step we took to attract the mass audience was the creation of a reliable information source. We worked in several directions:

  • Formed an editorial board whose task involved working with information sources and writing articles;
  • Built a proper technical environment for managing editors responsible for posting content to the website;
  • Collaborated with partners who provided us with all necessary data that reflects market changes;
  • Started promoting the website and covering recent developments in the cryptocurrency area; cooperated with the sphere representatives.

Further project development involved an active user interaction on the platform. Our efforts were focused on creating a system of forums for participants to discuss news and add their own sections and topics.


First of all, we aimed to form an active community of like-minded people interested in cryptocurrencies and their development. That is why the creation of a news portal with relevant content and collaboration with crypto enthusiasts were a must.


Java script


Node JS

To become a popular resource, we had to sustain user engagement through constant interaction with our readers. Thus, our second strategic goal was to integrate Blockspoint with the Arbex cryptocurrency exchange service and develop a bounty program.


We hired an experienced UX/UI specialist who developed an interface based on the in-depth analysis of customer journey maps. As a result, we got a convenient, modern design well-suited to the functionality of our web-application.


When developing the website, we opted for a flexible cross-platform CMF-system called MODx. We took it as a basis to build a customized product. This also helped us to create a proper website control board that met our goals and needs.

The forum system was constructed from scratch, without using third-party frameworks. This ensured the relevance and timeliness of platform updates. Also, the development involved a pool of technologies, such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML 5, and CSS.


Our development team has been working tirelessly to improve the web-application. In just a year, we have released four updates, introduced new features, and extended the functionality of our product.


In the future, Blockspoint is a platform for integration with Arbex, a service that provides access to the entire crypto market infrastructure. All attracted users can become members of an enormous community interested in cryptocurrencies, take part in discussions on the forum, and receive rewards offered through our bounty program.

After Blockspoint-Arbex integration, we intend to issue our own token Arbex. It will serve as a reward for the activity a user shows on the forum.

Basically, Blockspoint is a large-scale project created in the wake of the popularity of cryptocurrencies and supported by sustained user interest in this area.