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The value of BPro can be viewed from different perspectives. On the one hand, it is a software product based on a multi-year data analysis and machine learning. On the other hand, it is a service that deeply affects the interests of a target audience.


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Football is an unpredictable game, there are no machines that can perfectly predict its outcome. BPro Expert has shown that the influence of human factor is overrated, while mathematical analysis methods are much more effective. In the niche of football predictions, this is the first AI-based service that boasts an average success rate of over 70%. This means that the users who follow recommended betting tips remain in the black, no matter who they are — football fans or players, professionals or amateurs.


BPro Expert was established as a long-term project, and its fundamental idea was to create an Artificial Intelligence that could predict football match results. This required having a preliminary database that could be used for analysis. The creation of such database sparked the work on the project in 2015.

The next step was expanding the database, originally consisting of 2,000 matches, for its further analysis. The algorithm obtained in the end has taken into account such parameters as football team ranks and stats, past matches data, formations, and market assessment.

Even though the analysis algorithm, created in the first year of the project's existence, has remained unchanged, its effectiveness is constantly increasing. We are working on an algorithm supposed to issue results with much higher probability of successful prediction. Since the product launch more than four years ago, eight updates have been released — and each of them has performed better than the other.


At first, the creation of BPro was rather a challenge than a goal. The team was driven by interest as there were no similar products in the market back then. Still, we had no idea if it would be effective. We set out to create a prediction service, independent of human opinion — and this worked out!


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The further development strategy involved product promotion in the global football prediction market. Our current aim is turning our concept into a successful business that can be competitive enough to take a significant share of the market. In addition to marketing, our work on the product includes the constant development of its mathematical components. Since 2019, we have been using machine learning to increase calculation accuracy and working hard to improve the functionality of the website.


The task of our designer was to create a simple, user-friendly and accessible product. We are proud of our results and don't hide them from potential customers. We provide open statistics showing the number of correct and incorrect predictions, results of matches, and the profit a user may get using a recommended strategy.


Understanding the scale of the project we opted for popular, easily-supported development technologies. We moved away from using frameworks to avoid difficulties concerning the obsolescence of software environment and to be able to quickly make changes to the code. At BPro Expert, we don't depend on updates from third-party software developers and can focus on clean and consistent code.

In the heart of BPro's software, there are machine algorithms originally developed by one person, the project enthusiast. Due to his grasp of mathematics and statistics and a clear understanding of the football ranking system, he could create an analysis algorithm that was successfully tested in 2015 and remained unchanged since then. Only algorithms responsible for issuing predictions have been improved and maintained.


The first version of the product was launched in May 2015, four months after the launch. We decided to use the iterative development model. This allowed us to release 8 updates in four years, and with every new version we received more relevant results. The average rate of correct predictions in the latest update reaches 78%.


BPro Expert is constantly being improved. In 2019, the size of the database allowed us to put into use machine learning to calculate football match results. We have tested 3 models in 30 iterations, and by the autumn of 2019 we are going to launch a new update with added machine learning features.

Our future development plans include further improvement of issuing algorithms and marketing strategies to promote our brand and make it recognizable across the market. Built on sheer enthusiasm, BPro has grown into a project that has a definite chance of becoming a reliable source of passive income for anyone. This goes along with our goal to create a product that can draw public interest not just once, but for a long time.