The success of IT product companies is based on the ability to use technologies for achieving desired results. We utilize all available tools to create competitive and trending products. It is in our best interest to aid the professional growth of each teammate. That is how innovations get widely accepted — and how goals become complete projects.


Technological Efficacy

While technologies are evolving at an incredible rate, it is crucial to stay in tune with current development trends — and we are good at it. The DevPort team is focused on creating products that not only meet the needs of the market, but are also ahead of its progress. That is why we have a strong interest in a further professional growth of our employees.

We encourage the study of new tools and technologies that can improve the functionality of our products or have a good influence on their implementation. This is very important for people who want more than just doing good work — for those who want to evolve in a chosen direction.


Cloud Services

DevPort specializes in creating innovative niche IT products, and the active use of Cloud Services plays far not the last role here. This allows us to optimize our workflow and operate with a huge number of resources that help store, process and analyze data. We apply the latest Google Cloud Platform practices, such as:

  • ML and AutoML Tables for deploying machine learning models,
  • Compute Engine for working with virtual machines,
  • App Engine for hosting sites and web applications,
  • BigQuery for storing and processing data.

Google's infrastructure and its functionality open up great opportunities for developing progressive web-applications — and we actively put them to use.


Machine Learning

Upon viewing the direction in which the global technological progress is heading, the DevPort team has decided to focus on Machine Learning as a promising technology. We strive to become experts in this area and popularize ML as quickly as possible. The DevPort team is currently developing an ML-based product using Google ML and AutoML. Over time, the number of such projects will definitely increase. But today, we keep exploring all capabilities of this technology and gradually introducing new features.

We are actively working on improving ML models, constantly testing them, and making changes to their functionality. We are excited by the opportunity to create products that, with the help of technologies, may be relevant to users. This is what brings our work to a whole new level.



To improve our software development processes and increase the ability to deliver high-level IT products, we adopted a set of DevOps practices. They help us ensure productive and tight collaboration between developers and IT specialists. For this, we use a number of tools:

  • GitHub is used for storing projects and working with remote repositories. The GitFlow branching model allows to allocate tasks among specialists, and splits the workflow into the branches of functionality, releases, and bug fixes.
  • The update control system helps ensure the stability of our products and quickly replace a new version with an older one if necessary. In order to build fault-tolerant systems, we use AppOptics, NewRelic, Sentry, and Logentries.
  • The Microservice Architecture and API First. Each software component is developed separately, which simplifies its future support and improves scalability.

We are constantly working on creating and maintaining documentation to ensure coding convention. As a result, we receive reliable, stable products and effective teamwork at all development stages.


Full Product Life-Cycle

The mission of DevPort is to create advanced, technically-efficient and trendy IT products. Therefore, we develop our own projects — from shaping ideas to their implementation and promotion. To do this, we use all available resources. Our customers assist us in all aspects of our business because they are part of the company. We are steadily moving towards creating well-organized products:

  • We generate and develop ideas,
  • Deeply analyze the market,
  • Evaluate project viability,
  • Develop an architecture,
  • Create a prototype,
  • Plan and produce a design,
  • Build a marketing strategy,
  • Release the product,
  • Promote and support the product.

We are eager for fresh ideas and seek talented people who are ready to work hard on their implementation. DevPort is an expert at creating, developing and supporting IT products.

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